Jewel Club Membership

1 session per week each month

Gold Club Membership

1 session per week + 1 Expansion Experience each month

Crown Club Membership

All-Access to Every Weekly & Monthly Expansion Sessions each month

All Club Memberships Include Access to:

Club Studio Salon Parties • Exclusive Guest Events • Annual Velvet Rope Costume Ball • Special Guest Salon Performances

Your First ANYA Dance™ Experience

Before you join ANYA Studios™ as a member, you will take your first steps in this fun-packed, laughter-filled 2-hour studio experience specifically designed for women 30+.

These two intro-hours will fly by as you learn all the foundational basics of ANYA Dance™ and have a ball re-discovering your powerful presence, grace, balance, and brain-boosting inner strength as we begin our dance journey together.

  • No dance experience required.
  • No special shoes (we dance barefoot),
  • No gear necessary (just bring your body–as is!)

Core + Expansion Experiences + Philosophy

ANYA Dance Method™

ANYA Dance Method™ is a system of interlaced movement journeys designed specifically for women inspired by ancient traditions, informed by evidence-based research, and trauma-informed healing modalities.


  • No choreography to remember so you’re never behind
  • Wear What Lets You Move
  • Kick Off Your Shoes
  • Dress Like You Feel
  • Come Thrown Together or in Full Regalia (Fancy or Not, You Do You)
  • Find Your Spark With Women Just Like You: Inspired Women, Inspire Women
  • Discover more Elegance, Grace, Balance, Power and Strength than you’ve ever felt or seen before!
ANYA Core Experiences

ANYA CORE Dance Experience™ | Layers 1-7

Vocabulary + Rhythm • Layers + Growth


Presence + Strength + Power + Flow

All While Sitting Down


An Engaging + First-Look Community | ANYA Backstage Lounge Private Facebook Group for Studio Members and Guests

ANYA Core Experiences

ANYA Silk Flow™

Dance Flowing Yards of Silk, The Only Dance Partner You’ll Ever Need

ANYA Soul Rhythm™

Synchronize + Callibrate, Soothe Your Mind, Relax Your Soul

ANYA Pure Balance™

Gentle Progressions to Restore Body Balance, Balance Training

ANYA Shifting Sands Meditations™

Restorative & Restful Peace, Calming Reflection + Perspective

ANYA Core Experiences

COMING in 2022!

Exclusive Guest Events

Annual Velvet Rope Costume Ball

Special Guest Salon

Performances & Engagements

Care + Culture + Philosophy

ANYA Studios™ Care + Culture

Your membership at ANYA Studios™ should be a source of comfort, belonging, and ease. The energy, environment, and care of our Club is as important to maintain as it was to create. As a member, we hope you will value these elements as much as we do by bringing us your suggestions and adding to our member “Wish List.”

Let’s start with our Club promises.

We promise to keep our Club safe, fresh, clean, comfortable, and welcoming as possible for all Club Members and their Special Guests.

We promise to assume the best intent from each other and keep our culture aligned with our philosophy: We’re all here to help one another along.

We promise to provide Members with knowledgeable, sincere, and engaging Staff who are invested in our Club’s culture of camaraderie and mutual respect.

We promise to inspire Members and their Special Guests to treat one another with dignity and respect.

We promise to do our best to bring our best for Members seeking healthy relationships with themselves and others.

Our Unique Philosophy

We believe in connecting rather than competing

Our mission is to provide women with the opportunity to learn how to be with one another and themselves, and breakthrough limitations.

We provide women with the opportunity to experience belonging with other women inter-generational, cross-cultural, throughout the spectrum of body size, and across a wide range of abilities and life experiences.

We believe women are capable of creating and maintaining a better culture for and among themselves every single day.

We believe we can heal ourselves faster with one another.

We believe that if we can heal our women people, the nurturers, the mothers, the sisters, and the daughters, our world will heal even faster than we ever thought possible.

We get there faster and better when we’re together.

We believe in creating and sustaining a culture of truth-seekers, women who acknowledge their judgments of themselves and others, women who ask questions, women committed to learning how to trust themselves, get to know themselves, to honor themselves, and also learn how to receive acknowledgment and love from others.

When you’re in the club,

you’re in The Club.


3-6-12 Month Club Membership Engagements