Quartz Crystal Sound Bath

+ Intentional Movement Experience

ANYA Silk Flow™

Sound Bathing Survivors • Quartz Crystal Sound Bath with NaToyia Nicole + Introduction to ANYA Silk Flow™ with Donna Syed • Low/No Impact •

Pre-registration required, must be age 18+ to participate. Refunds are unavailable for this event, transfers may apply if requested more than 48-hours in advance.

WHAT TO BRING: For your comfort, bring a yoga mat, weighted blanket & wear loose, comfortable clothing.

NaToyia Nicole

NaToyia Nicole

Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist

NaToyia “Toy” Nicole is a Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist, specializing in soundbathing survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She is an advocate against childhood sexual abuse and the author of In Zhavey’s Eyes: Don’t Tell Anyone.

She was an active proponent for the Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2, Missouri Evidence in Sexual Crimes Against Minors, a law that paved the way in protecting children across the state of Missouri.

During her career, she has advocated for, ensured and enforced the rights and protections of marginalized communities, including homeless youth, the LGBTQ+ community, women, children, and families affected by societal and circumstantial disadvantages.

After servicing others for over 25 years, NaToyia Nicole switched to a healing modality in 2016, where she began hosting day retreats rooted in health and wellness – this initiative led her to her private practice that materialized during the pandemic. However, it was the Drepung Gomang Monastery Sacred Arts World Tour that left an everlasting impression on NaToyia Nicole when she first explored singbowls in 2006 alongside Tibetan Buddhist Monks.
You can find NaToyia Nicole’s recorded offerings at
SoundBathing Survivors on Youtube and also on Instagram at NaToyiaNicole.

Donna Syed

Donna Syed

ANYA Dance™ Format Designer + Master Facilitator

Founder, designer, and co-creator of the ANYA Dance™ format, a training and “edutainment” movement and growth program that invites women to be themselves, and to meet themselves as they are, where they are.

Donna’s specializations include:

  • Certified Brain Health Trainer – Functional Aging Institute
  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor; ACE-GFI
  • John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Trainer | Coach
  • Expert Rating Certified Personal Development Coach

Donna Syed is the author of Truthfairy Field Guide: No Guru Requiredthe visionary designer of Be. Do. Live.®, Truthfairy training experiences, and Awaken Women Dance™ and the ANYA Dance Method™.

Every working part of this adventure is designed for women who are seeking more from their life journeys. Her interactive designs take journey-seekers on the “deep swim” of self-acceptance and enrichment. A victor over child abuse, spousal abuse, and poverty, Donna brings forth the experiences and knowledge to lead women on the path to wholeness and purpose, inspiring them to fold-in and experience the power of Choice, Truth and Trust that leads to the freedom and pathways of their ultimate purpose and vision.

Donna’s gifts include advocacy and innovation specializing in women who find themselves disenfranchised, yet determined seekers of Truth, freedom + upward transition.