SUNDAY • MAY 15, 2022 • 2-4 pm


Before you decide to join ANYA Studios™ as a member, take your very first steps in our laughter-filled 2-hour studio experience specifically designed for women 30+.

Remember, you are not too big, too small, too slow, too old, or too much.

At ANYA Studios™ we start at step ZERO–come prepared to enjoy yourself! These two intro-hours will fly by as you learn all the foundational basics of ANYA Dance™ while re-discovering your powerful presence, grace, balance, and brain-boosting inner strength as we begin our dance journey together.

ANYA Core Experiences


ANYA CORE Dance Experience™ | Layers 1-3

Vocabulary + Rhythm • Layers + Growth

As a studio member, this is your weekly experience! Layer by beautiful layer, expand your body’s vocabulary. Plug-in just a little more, laugh a little longer, dance even more. Remember, you are not too big, too small, too slow, too old, or too much. Wear your favorite color, full makeup and hair are welcome, but NEVER required.


ANYA Dance Foundations™ + Studio Membership

ANYA Core Experiences

May 16, 2022 • ANYA Silk Flow™  

Flowing Yards of Silk: The Only Dance Parner You’ll Ever Need 

As a studio member, our expansion experiences expand our bloom! Swirling silk floating through the air, powered by your beautiful soul. Dancing with silk reveals strength your in softness, elegant and smooth, reconnecting you with your graceful power.

90-minutes, low-no impact • The most enchanting way to increase shoulder mobility and range of motion, balance and mobility.

Pre-Requisites: ANYA Dance Foundations™ + Studio Membership

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