A Wellness + Movement Club Just For Women

Connection + Community + Soul 

ANYA Studios™ is the premier dance-centered health and wellness club designed for women 30+ committed to Community & Transformational Growth.
Whether you are taking your very first step into a dance studio or you “used to” be a dancer, ANYA Dance™ meets every woman where she is–at the beginning of her next life chapter.

About ANYA Dance Method™

Ancient Foundations + Modern Movement + Solid Science

“Playful, healing, powerful, so much laughter, and a whole buncha fun.”

Connection over competition, growth over loss, ANYA Dance Method™ focuses on flow, balance, stability, flexibility, and grace—and most of all, possibility. No dance experience needed, because we all begin at the beginning.

Wondering what to expect when you walk into your very first AWAKEN WOMEN DANCE™ INTRO experience?

When you step through the door, you’ll probably want to start dancing–whether you admit it out-loud or not.

Everyone’s first experience in the studio starts by having a blast in our 2-hour foundation class. As the first hour is flying by, you’ll get reacquainted with your body and be amazed at what it will do. Our music is fantastic and the good laughter is always going around. We move together, unlocking our dance bodies (even sitting down). Oh, and about that laughter–it might even be you who makes someone else laugh because they totally get you.

You also might realize you’re getting some fun-good-stretch and exercise–but don’t count on wanting to quit dancing when you get home. (In fact, let us know if you ever decide to quit remembering how much you miss dancing in the mirror to your favorite very-best number-one song.)

Here’s the good part: Even though you know you’re getting some exercise, you’re just dancing–better, and better, flowy and flowy, glowy and glowy.

ANYA Dance Method™ is dance, deeply inspired by rhythms and movements of ancient origin, beautiful and joyous traditions of women gathering, free to be themselves. Woven with brain health practices backed by solid research, our dance focuses on simple layers–no choreography to learn, easy on the body, and energizing for your soul.

Women of all fitness levels, sizes, cultures, and seasoned stages of life continue to be enriched as they discover a place for themselves in an intention-centered, uplifting, and energizing dance community of women.

Meet Your Facilitator

Donna Syed

Founder + Director ANYA Dance Studios™

ANYA Dance Method™ Format Designer + Master Facilitator

Founder, designer, and co-creator of the ANYA Dance Method™, a training and “edutainment” movement and growth program that invites women to be themselves, and to meet themselves as they are, where they are.

Donna’s specializations include:

  • Certified Brain Health Trainer – Functional Aging Institute
  • ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor; ACE-GFI
  • John Maxwell Certified Speaker | Trainer | Coach
  • Expert Rating Certified Personal Development Coach
Influences + Educators

Influenced by the foundations of Classical Egyptian, Turkish, and Persian dance with the educational and inspirational contributions of Zaina Ali, Sahra Saeeda, Dr. Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi, and Joanna Sahira.

Modern Western movement style influences include Isadora Duncan, Martha Graham, Anna Halprin, François Delsarte, Bob Fosse, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and Mia Michaels.

The ANYA Dance™ format has been both inspired and informed by the collective clinical and neuro-research of Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Dr. Martin Teicher, Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Oliver Sacks, Dr. Cathy Malchiodi, and Dr. Pat Ogden among the many, deeply committed trauma research professionals and practitioners.

Guest Facilitator + Author + Inspirational Speaker

Author of Truthfairy Field Guide: No Guru Required, Donna is the personal growth training designer and visionary of the Truthfairy Project™, ANYA Dance Method™ and other breakthrough experiences designed for women who are seeking more from their life journey.

Donna’s interactive designs take journey-seekers on a self-paced “deep swim” of self-acceptance and enrichment. Her work leads women toward the path to wholeness, purpose, and vision to experience the power of Choice, Truth, and Trust in their own lives.

Still Curious?

Contributing Writer for PsychCentral | World of Psychology, Crisis Response Care, and the Huffington Post, Algebra Lover, Logophile, Research Geek, Parking Space Pull-Through Protestor, Book Buzzsaw, Period Fashion Drooler, Laughing Foot-Clapper (with a side of snort), Wisdom Seeker, Lesson Learner–but otherwise, and foremost, just Donna Syed.


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